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Folding application example




The traditional pulleys are made of cast iron or cast steel, although they are carrying capacity, but the wear resistance is poor, and damage the rope, plus the steel pulley process complex, the actual cost is higher than the MC nylon pulley, the use of MC nylon pulley High, easy to process. As long as the formula is appropriate, but also made of different performance requirements of the pulley, the use of MC nylon pulley, the pulley life increased 4-5 times, wire rope life increased by 10 times, take "metal pulley" and "MC nylon pulley" compared to MC nylon Pulley can reduce the weight of the boom and boom 70%, improve production efficiency, enhance the lifting function and mechanical machine performance, easy maintenance, disassembly, oil-free lubrication. Many foreign crane manufacturers, such as Germany's Liebherr, Japan Kato Co., Ltd., since the 1970s began to use the MC nylon pulley. At present, the domestic 12-125 seven types of car cranes have been fully applied to LT40 truck cranes, for example, the application of MC nylon pulley only rope and pulley repair costs to save more than 100,000 yuan.




The use of MC nylon gear and worm gear and other transmission parts, can greatly reduce the noise. To 400Kg of gas hammer and concrete mixer, for example, 400Kg gas hammer (small) gear m = 8, z = 19, the motor power is 40KW. The original use of phenolic base plate used for half a year or so, after the switch to MC nylon and iron skeleton structure, the use of up to 7 years after the inspection is still not damaged. Concrete mixer (small) gear m = 10, z = 20, the motor power is 7KW, the original metal gear transmission noise, tooth surface wear serious, switch to MC nylon gear, the transmission is smooth, the noise is small, the service life of 10 years the above.




In the construction machinery, the slider is almost indispensable components, such as truck crane support arm with the slider, the past has been made of brass, now switch to MC nylon slider, the service life increased 4-5 times, MC nylon slider long life, a one-time refueling can be long-term lubrication performance. At the same time, also has anti-shock, anti-vibration, fatigue, noise, light weight, easy assembly, wear and other advantages.


Bushings, bearings


With MC nylon instead of copper and Babbitt made of various types of bushings, bearings, etc., in the construction machinery is very common. Features: wear resistance, self-lubricating performance, in the current general thermoplastic has a high PV value; friction coefficient is small, impact resistance, easy to ax, sintered, do not hurt the journal; lubrication cycle is long, Harsh environment adaptability, long life. Such as WK-10-type excavator of the wind rope balance wheel sleeve, size φ200 × φ160 × 160, has always been used ZQA19-4 material, because of the work of great dust, poor lubrication conditions, sleeve wear quickly. Switch to MC nylon, according to the strength of MC nylon compression, the theoretical calculation can carry 288-345T, the actual use of the load 140T, 40-42 in the ambient temperature for more than five years, mining 5.265 million tons of ore, disintegration inspection found Smooth surface has formed a good oil film, that basically no wear.


Piston ring, support ring


Use the MC nylon to do the piston ring is characterized by: light weight (about 15% of the weight of bronze) to reduce the movement loss, saving mechanical power; sliding performance, static and dynamic friction coefficient difference is small, so there is no sticky phenomenon like metal ; Foreign body buried good performance, to avoid the cylinder liner; no oil self-lubricating, good sealing, not easy to oil, long life, improve work efficiency. Hydraulic cylinder with MC nylon support ring, in the Yangtze River Hydraulic Components Institute HSG63 / 35 × 700 hydraulic cylinder test bench on the life test, under heavy pressure, after 170h continuous impact of 320,000 cycles, the total running distance of 150km Durability and reliability of good, in line with national standards.




Since MC nylon is resistant to chemicals, wear and self-lubricating properties, it is used as a roller or as a metal roll outer liner for conveying guide rollers, reverse rollers, and swivel rollers. MC nylon than other materials long life, easy processing, less fuel times, and no oil, no rust, oil and rust stains will not stain the fiber.

As one of engineering plastics, MC nylon products are widely used in "plastic steel and performance". It has the unique properties of light weight, high strength, self-lubrication, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. It is widely used in engineering plastics and is almost ubiquitous in industry

Its friction coefficient is 8.8 times lower than steel, 8.3 times lower than copper, and only one seventh of copper. MC nylon can directly replace raw copper stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metal products. Many years of production and MC nylon pulley, slider, gear, worm gear, gear, support wheels, wheel, water pump impeller, shaft sleeve, bearing, cylinder pin, piston valve body, plastic board, pulley, rotating wheel, rods, tubes, plates, etc., not only to replace the corresponding metal, and allow users to reduce the cost and prolong the service life of machine and spare parts, thus greatly improving the economic benefit.

MC nylon mechanical vibration wear-resisting material instead of non-ferrous metal and alloy steel, 400 kilograms of nylon products, it's actual size is equivalent to 2.7 tons and 3 tons of copper, with MC nylon part, not only improves the mechanical efficiency, reducing maintenance, can improve the service life of the general 4 to 5 times.

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